Study Support

study_support_group_2The two Study Centres are situated within Sports Clubs at Werneth Cricket Club and Oldham Athletic Football Club.

The service can deliver programmes at school venues or facilities within local communities.


Summary of the service

The Study Support Service aims to contribute in raising standards in both attainment and personal /social achievement levels, such as confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

Literacy and Numeracy Programmes are at the core of each centre’s curriculum. Both subjects are  measured through an Entry and Exit Challenge to  measure the impact made during the programme. Both subjects are delivered through online games, interactive programmes and through activities such as player interviews, news reports, dream team, enterprise events, animation and advertising productions.

ICT is the medium through which many of the programmes are delivered. Each centre is fully  equipped with a suite of computers, digital cameras a Green Screen TV Studio, ipads and much more exciting and top of the range ICT equipment.

Personalisation of the learning is key to young people’s enjoyment and achievement. There is a varied and rich programme of study enabling each young person to work to their potential and engage in their learning. This supports the improvements of confidence, self esteem and motivation. Most of the programmes focus on transition and supports individual learners through unique and exciting learning environments.

A focus on cohesive learning is a huge element of the service providing an opportunity for young people to work together with other young people from different schools.

The impact of the programme is measured through internal entry and exit challenges as well as regular assessment reviews with schools based on curriculum levels.  An End of Programme Report is completed and sent to each school to measure progressions made.


Since completing the course, I  have seen a difference in their  motivation in school, now being more driven to achieve something, less likely to ‘give up’ and eager to seek help for the things they don’t understand. I really feel that your programme has helped develop better attitudes to learning, and this is something that will benefit the children who took part not only now, but throughout their school lives.



Some of the programmes the service can offer include:

  • Playing for Success – after school additional curriculum programme.
  • Raising your Game – additional curriculum programmes mainly based at school venues (during curriculum time / after school).
  • Supporter To Reporter
  • Match Day Club
  • Code Club
  • Alternative Provision – vocational qualifications and accreditations.
  • Community Cohesion Projects – providing meaningful interaction opportunities.
  • Transition programmes – link with a secondary school.
  • Super Learning Days (sport links events, mathematical challenge days, Playing with English Days, BBC Schools News Report Day etc).


I enjoyed learning maths  and literacy, because I  wasn’t that confident before, but now I am.


Benefits of the Study Support service


  • All sessions are delivered by qualified teachers and/or teaching assistants.
  • High quality and bespoke programmes are delivered consistently.
  • Contribution to improvements of curriculum levels mainly within numeracy and literacy.
  • To provide a positive and enjoyable environment to encourage personal development and positive attitudes towards learning.


It is outstanding, my daughter has enjoyed every minute and it has enhanced her education.



  • 88% of young people improve their numeracy, literacy and ICT skills during their time on the programmes.
  • 100% of young people would recommend the centres to their friends.
  • 88% of young people improved their numeracy and literacy skills during their time on the programmes.
  • 90% of young people feel their confidence has grown back in the classroom since attending Laticzone.



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