School Admissions and Transfers

Photo: School AdmissionsThe School Admissions & Transfers Service offers support in carrying out statutory functions in accordance with all the relevant legislation, the co-ordinated admissions schemes and the School Admissions Code. In delivering this service we liaise closely with schools to ensure we provide a timely and quality service to schools, academies, partner agencies and parents/carers.

Benefits of the service

  • Services are provided by trained and experienced Officers;
  • An efficient service for effective and on-time processing of applications in accordance with the School Admissions Code;
  • Officers will ensure all appropriate legislation, central government guidelines and council procedures are complied with;
  • Software to support the ranking of applications and intelligence to track applications and offers made;
  • Easy access to officers for support and advice.

Schools responsibilities

Schools that are their own Admissions Authority have a statutory duty to administer Admissions Arrangements in accordance with The School Standards and Framework Act 1998, The Education and Inspections Act 2006 and the School Admissions code 2012.

Governing bodies who choose not to buy into a School Admissions & Transfers traded package must ensure that the Governing Body as the Admissions Authority comply fully with the statutory requirements of the School Admissions Code and that sufficient resources are available to fully manage the Legal Admissions process in respect of their school.

Those Admission Authorities who choose to buy back the Local Authority Traded Service will retain overall statutory responsibility, whilst benefiting from the Local Authority School Admissions Team undertaking this essential processing and legal compliance work on behalf of the Governing Body of the school concerned.


Contract Review

The team will undertake an annual customer survey with schools to receive feedback on service delivery issues.


Service Level Options

In addition to the services provided that are statutory functions, schools can buy into the Basic, Standard or Standard Plus package. There is also a separate In Year Transfer Coordination Package. SLAs for 2016-17 are expected to be available in late February.


Admissions Support Packages

Admissions Support Basic Standard Standard Plus
Consultative advice on the formulation of the admissions policy and arrangements to ensure statutory compliance with the School Admissions Code blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18
 Facilitation of statutory consultation on admission arrangements on behalf of the Governing Body blue-tick-18x18
 Advice and guidance on general admission enquiries blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18
 Detailed advice and guidance on admission enquiries to schools and parents blue-tick-18x18
Checks on all applicant details, sibling, SEN, LAC etc and home addresses on behalf of the school blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18
Liaison directly with applicants to reconcile allocation anomalies and general enquiries blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18
Monitoring progress of applications and follow up of missing or incomplete applications blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18
Access to the School Admissions Module (SAM) and accurate distance measurement from home to school to assist in the allocation of school places and any consequent appeal cases blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18
Checks on the positions of the ranked list of applicants to ensure compliance with the published arrangements blue-tick-18x18
Investigate allegations of misleading or false information blue-tick-18x18 blue-tick-18x18

In Year Transfer (IYT) Coordination Package

This package will include coordination of all in year transfers including:

  • distribution of application form,
  • scrutiny of information,
  • identification of fair access transfers,
  • allocation of school place,
  • maintenance of waiting lists,
  • distribution of relevant letters and
  • advice on all relevant legislation and statutory duties.


Pricing & Ordering

Prices for 2016-17 are unchanged from 2015-16.

Size of School IYT Coordination Basic Standard Standard Plus
School with 250 or less pupils reported in the January school census £740* £770 £1,025 £2,050
School with more than 250 reported in the January school census £740* £1,025 £1,540 £2,570

* there is a 50% discount on the IYT Coordination Package if bought together with the Standard or Standard Plus Package.

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Other Services


Ranking Applications

The LA is able to rank applications for non community schools. Please contact Paula Green on 0161 770 3158 for more information and costs.


Training Sessions

Training sessions are available upon request, including – admissions, in year transfers, disciplinary exclusion, fair access and managed moves. Please contact Paula Green on 0161 770 3158 for more information and costs.