School Crossing Patrols

School Crossing Patrol Service-2Schools can request a School Crossing Patrol Officer to undertake the duties of crossing children/adults, during the morning start of school and the afternoon leaving from school.


Summary of the service

  • deliver a School Crossing Patrol Officer at the designated crossing point serving your school every operational school day
  • recruit, train, supervise and provide the Uniform in accordance with the School Crossing Patrol Service Guidelines
  • liaise with the School to understand and deliver the required level of service


Benefits of the service

The service operates under a number of very strict guidelines, including legal standards of uniform and operation.

This means that school management teams do not have to become experts on the legal framework surrounding the operation of the service and do not have to take on the legal responsibilities and public liabilities individually.


Details of the service

  • The School Crossing Patrol Service undertakes to investigate all requests for crossing points and to manage those that meet the criteria.
  • The Service will endeavour to provide a School Crossing Patrol Officer for each working day of your school.
  • The Service directly undertakes the recruitment and training of Officers to ensure that the required standards are met and adhered to and that all Officers undergo an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check
  • The School Crossing Patrol Supervisor employed by the Council will carry out regular visits to monitor the effectiveness of the School Crossing Patrol Officers and will if required recommend and implement alterations to the operational times and / or the location at which the crossing point is situated.
  • The Service will on a yearly basis carry out staff appraisals and update training requirements ensuring that all School Crossing Patrol Officers are fully briefed in respect of legislation and working practices.


Site Risk Assessments

Sites do need to be risk assessed and if there are any works needed prior to an Officer being able to operate the site then funding needs to be found – the School Crossing budget has no budget to cover this kind of works.

For highways with a 40mph speed limit or above they will always require work (flashing warning signs / road surface change etc).

For those with a lower speed limit the work can vary dependent of the vehicle flows.


Quality Assurance standards

Detailed feedback to schools in respect of:

  • the effectiveness of the site
  • the hours covered (by the regular patrol or by the stand by patrol)
  • results of the annual risk assessment
  • any incidents that have occurred e.g. drive –through and what action taken


Obligations on the part of the School

  • early notification of any ad-hoc ‘non school days’
  • early notification of any ad-hoc changes to the hours of operation



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Telephone: Angela Lees Emanuel on 0161 770 3638