Detached Youth Work Team

youthwork-services-activityWorking with young people in non-formal environments, normally on the streets, in public spaces and the community.The team work flexibly (times, locations, groups) in response to when they are most needed.

The aim of the Detached Youth Work Team is to positively engage with young people and help them to access support and activities which may improve their opportunities in the future.

We offer a variety of services.


Detached youth workers in the community

The detached youth work team works within the community to address youth anti- social behaviour (ASB) concerns.  The team works in areas of the town where they are most needed; known as ‘hotspot’ areas.  They often work during evenings and weekends on the streets or in public areas.

The team is highly experienced in working with all groups of young people; from some of the most challenging young people in the community, to groups who just ‘hang out’ with nothing better to do.  They link and support other organisations in the community including the police.

Working with young people in the community, the detached youth work team create discussion, identify the issues faced by young people and by the community, and put things in place to address this.  For example support may include:

  • Links to other support agencies
  • Support for accessing training
  • Discussion on decision making and personal journey
  • Challenges and implication discussion on behaviour
  • Involvement in issue based projects
  • Participation in positive activities
  • Involvement in community initiatives which give something back to the community (volunteering)


Detached youth workers in school

The detached youth work team provide support in schools for students who are struggling to engage in education or who may be causing issues within the school – either inside or outside the classroom.

The service provided to schools is bespoke and the team will work with you to understand the issues before putting a programme of support in place.  Some examples of the work we have undertaken in schools includes:

  • Providing classroom and extra curricular support to pupils who are not engaging in lessons
  • Providing a link for teachers between school and activity in the community
  • Providing on site alternative issue based curriculum sessions
  • Providing off site alternative curriculum sessions (including reward based trips)
  • Providing after school support on school/ bus routes to support efficient and safe dispersal


Discos and U18 parties

The detached youth work team provide support for planned community discos and under 18 parties.  The team have experience in assisting the event organiser with planning and delivery of a safe and enjoyable event.  The focus of the detached team is in ensuring the safety and support for young people who may be in attendance and help the event organisers to make sure the event runs smoothly.  Although the event organiser will remain ultimately responsible for the event the detached youth work team would typically be involved in the following:

  • Providing consistent safety messages in the community in the lead up to the event
  • Support in risk assessment and planning of event
  • Support on bus/ walking routes before and after the event
  • Reminders of key safety messages outside the venue (admission policy, safety guidance)
  • Liaison and reassurance for parents
  • Support for event staff for issues/ tensions inside and outside the venue
  • Support for isolated/ unwell young people at the event by supporting a ‘safe space’
  • Safe dispersal of young people after event (particularly near main roads/ town centres)

The detached youth work team work closely with the police and with the council licensing team who may often refer to the team for support for these events.


Training and Support

Support for other organisations in the community who may be experiencing  youth anti-social behaviour. See the training and support page for details.




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