Governor Support Services

The Governor Support Service supports governing bodies to make strategic and operational improvements in relation to school governance.

It is delivered in three elements: core (optionally including complaints management), clerking, and training.

Summary of the service

  • Advice to Headteachers, Chairs and governors on matters of procedure, legal requirements etc.
  • Distribution of agendas and supporting papers within the statutory framework.
  • Preparation of termly draft agenda and briefing papers on key issues of policy and practice affecting governing bodies.
  • Publication of a termly governors newsletter and training programme.

Benefits of the service

  • Services are provided by highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Supports schools with statutory compliance, the governance service will ensure that appropriate updated and new legislation, statutory guidance, central government and council procedure guidelines are shared with schools in a timely manner through termly agendas, regular updates and accessible information e.g. ‘The constitution of governing bodies of maintained schools – September 2016’ and ‘The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013 – January 2014’.
  • Key documents are shared in a timely manner.
  • High quality advice, training and clerking support the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole governing body: effective governing bodies provide the best support to schools in raising pupil achievement.
  • Oldham Council’s Governor Website contains key documents and information for governors.
  • Consistency of practice

The benefits I get from the governance service level agreement are immeasurable. The staff provide a friendly and efficient service where nothing is too much trouble. The Clerking Service is invaluable, as is the advice I have received in the years I have been Chair.

Chair of Governors – Voluntary Aided Primary School

“Can I thank you, and your department, for the support that you have given us over the years and in particular over the past months as a new head. I have been able to rely on you for an answer and if you have not known it straight away, to find out for us!”

Headteacher – Primary School

Service standards

  • Our core service level agreement provides governing bodies with access to professional advice and expertise to keep up to date with changes in governance regulations and to support their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Our professional dedicated clerking service provides high quality advice on procedures together with a set of minutes.
  • Our training programme offers a wide variety of courses delivered by professionals.
  • Complaints management – to support in handling complaints correctly.
  • Training and support with complaints management, guidance for schools and governing bodies and help to development and review complaint policies.
  • Where requested by school, advice and / or attendance at school governing body complaints panels to support and advise on the management of the panel.
  • Where required, support to develop action plans to manage individual serious or complex complaints.


As a Headteacher I have always found both the formal and informal support offered by the complaints team to be of the highest standard. They have where required offered carefully considered advice and I have found this service to be an invaluable resource for the school.

Headteacher, Secondary School

What do we expect from you?

  • To complete DBS paperwork for all new governors within 21 days of them taking up post and to inform us once the notification has been received.
  • To update and sign an annual code of conduct for governors.
  • The Chair of Governors to attend the termly Chairs Briefing and development sessions.
  • A realistic time frame in which to provide any element of the service.
  • Meeting dates to be set beyond the first four weeks of the start of term.
  • The Governor Support Service have a statutory duty to ensure that governors receive their agenda papers at least seven days prior to the date of the full governing body meeting, and therefore will require the relevant paperwork from schools no later than fourteen working days before the date of the meeting to ensure that this requirement is met.
  • To be kept informed of membership details of the governing body.
  • To be kept informed of membership details of committee meetings.
  • To be kept informed of lead governor responsibilities.
  • To appoint a Link governor to support and mentor new governors and ensure that new governors access induction training and other relevant training.
  • To encourage all governors to attend governor training.
  • To encourage all governors to access information on the Oldham Governor webpage.
  • To encourage governors to participate in personal and professional development.
  • To complete an annual skills audit for individual governors and share the completed skills matrix to identify areas for training and development for your governing body.
  • To ensure all governors complete the online prevent training (Channel Awareness) and to inform us when it has been completed.
  • To actively promote governor vacancies.
  • To monitor and feedback on the services that are provided.
  • To share relevant up to date information.

A vital aid in helping the school to progress. Our Clerk is a font of all knowledge. A valuable resource which is extremely professional, reliable and dependable. We would be at a loss without governance support. Thank you.

Headteacher – Voluntary Aided Primary School

Just wanted to say that whenever I call Governor services for help, advice or support that Governor Services will always go the extra mile, It is a pleasure to be able to ask for information. They do a fantastic job and always positive in their outlook. This makes such a difference especially when we work in a pressured environment.

 Headteacher – CE Primary School

Service Levels and Costs 2020-21

Service Cost
Core Service – Primary Schools £1590
Core Service – Secondary Schools
Advice to headteachers, Chairs and governors on matters of procedure, legal requirements etc  
Distribution of agenda and supporting papers to all governors within the statutory time frame  
Maintenance of a central database of all governors;  
Review when governors’ terms of office is coming to an end and take appropriate action;
Issuing of election papers for staff and parent governors
Maintain governors’ records of attendance, taking necessary action as required including informing absent governors of the date and time of next meeting;  
Marketing and Communication to support with the recruitment of new governors
Share details of any prospective governors who schools can contact  
Prepare termly draft agendas and provide termly briefing papers on key issues of policy and practice affecting governing bodies  
Publication of a governors’ news updates including details of training and development courses and opportunities that become available  
Actively promote governor vacancies;  
Support for new Chairs & new governors;  
Recruit Local Leaders of Governance.
Complaints Management Option £360 (Primary) or £465 (Secondary)
Training, support and advice, including written guidance for schools and governing bodies in respect of responding to complaints and representations.  
Support with the production of, review and updating of the complaints procedure.  
Information made available to schools and governors via intranet and internet links, governing body news updates and briefings  
Support and advice in respect of managing and responding to serious or complex complaints  
Where requested by school, advice and/or attendance at school governing body complaints panels to support and advise on the management of the panel  
Quarterly monitoring of school complaint referrals in respect of school complaints received by the Local Authority (on request)  
Governor training/briefing sessions in respect of responding to complaints as required.  
Support where requested, individual briefing sessions in respect of managing and responding to complaints for individual school staff teams and governing bodies  
Where required, support to develop action plans to manage individual serious or complex complaints  
Clerking – Must be purchased with Core Governor Support.  

*Full governing body meetings only – up to max of 2 per term/6 per financial year (does not include committees)

Arrange for a representative of the Governor Support Service to attend full governing body meetings to offer advice on procedures and good practice  
Clerks to take accurate notes from which to prepare the full governing body minutes (a maximum of six full governing body meetings per financial year) which will be circulated to the Chair and CC’d to the Headteacher for any correction and approval
Check all governing body minutes for compliance with statutory requirements and arrange for relevant follow-up work from meetings to be undertaken.  
Clerk to communicate up to date information from Oldham Council under Clerk’s update
Training and development £52 per governor
Provision of central training and development programme and resources and online booking facility.  
Reports to schools regarding governors attending training  
Provision of whole governing body or cluster training events as required
New governor induction training and resources
Provision of training resources and access to online training
Provide access to self-training events and webinars
Modern Governor On-line training £140
Access to Modern Governor a leading national provider of online professional development for governors and trustees in maintained schools, academies and free schools.
Professional development is aimed at improving governing body performance, providing induction for new members and to keep governors on top of the changing educational landscape.
Governors can access at any time engaging and interactive e-learning modules designed to work on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
From their evaluations, 99% of governors would recommend Modern Governor to their fellow governors and trustees.
National Governance Association (NGA) membership and access to Learning Link  Price per school
NGA Gold Membership £245
NGA Standard Membership £92
NGA Learning Link (full governing body and clerk) £82
Access to the National Governance Association (NGA) which is an independent charity representing and supporting governors, trustees and clerks in maintained schools and academies in England.
Professional development is aimed at improving governing body performance, providing induction for new members and to keep governors on top of the changing educational landscape.
Governors can access at any time engaging and interactive e-learning modules designed to work on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
Learning link benefits include: a new governor e-learning portal, Flexible e-learning and 24/7 telephone and email support.
Learning Link contents:

  • Offers bespoke training on all aspects of school governance and offers a catalogue of high quality content to develop your skills and knowledge on key topics including: strategy, team work, assessment, staffing, financial oversight, elements of effective governance, compliance and collaboration.
  • Currently hosts over 50 governor e-learning modules which have been updated to reflect changes in legislation, the new Governance Handbook and the Competency Framework.
  • Eight new induction modules for governors and trustees and these will be free to all governors and trustees placed with Inspiring Governance, the online governance recruitment service.



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Our School has used the Oldham Governor Support Service for many years and have always found the levels of support and expertise to be excellent. Whenever any Governor has questions or requires assistance enquiries are always handled extremely promptly by the knowledgeable staff. Training courses are of a very high standard with excellent trainers and very good support materials. We utilise the Clerking Service where our Clerk is always highly professional, courteous and of great assistance in ensuring the smooth running of the Governing Body. Chair of Governors – Primary School