Inclusion and Vulnerable Groups


Effective schools and academies review their practice regularly with a focus on improving attendance and raising attainment to improve outcomes for all learners.

Attendance Support

We can offer bespoke support and development designed to provide you with strategic capacity and operational support, for example:-

  • Consultancy and audit
  • Developing preventative early intervention strategies
  • Advice on establishing and maintaining effective systems and  interventions to improve attendance and reduce persistent absence
  • Escorting to/from school
  • Home visits
  • Training events

Our Attendance Officers are qualified to the national occupational standards for learning development and support services for working with children, young people and families (Education Welfare strand).



For an initial discussion please contact Anne Clark, Attendance Team Co-ordinator –




From September 2015 Jigsaw became a part of the Early Help Offer. As such we no longer accept referrals independent of the Early Help Process.

Jigsaw is now a part of a wider group of universal and targeted services, therefore to plan effective early intervention The Early Help Team need a more holistic assessment which includes the needs of schools, involved professionals, school staffs and families.

Schools with pupils at risk of exclusion, those in sudden crisis or requests for Fresh Starts will also need to follow this process. In the case of families where there is involvement from Social Care. The needs of the families have already been assessed and any school based issues should be addressed through the resulting C.I.N. or Child Protection Plans.

Any school wishing to access advice and support in regard to issues linked to behaviour will now need to complete the school based assessment and submit this alongside the Family Early Help forms. Jigsaw cannot accept stand-alone school referrals.

Please note when making a referral we ask school staff to look at their own needs in relation to the issues presented by their pupils.

There is a folder on the First Class Conference entitled School E.H. Referral forms and the school self-assessment paperwork can be located in this folder. All documentation should be returned alongside the family Early Help Assessment.

All referrals should be sent to

If schools would like to discuss the appropriateness of making a referral or would like to have a one off consultation or are seeking general advice please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Claire Taylor, Jigsaw Manager –

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