Information governance

We offer a variety of bespoke information governance services to schools, providing professional, efficient and competitively priced support to help meet all your legal obligations in this area.


Data Protection Officer package

  • Our Data Protection Officer can act as your Data Protection Officer and become your key liaison point with the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • We’ll hold a data protection briefing session for your school representative or head teacher
  • We’ll offer advice on the implementation of and compliance with data protection legislation
  • We’ll help you create data protection, individual rights and data security breach handling policies
  • We’ll provide advice and tools to support the maintenance of a Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)
  • We’ll provide staff briefing messages on a regular basis
  • We’ll co-ordinate an annual self-assurance health check and help you to create an action plan

Data protection package

We’ll provide advice on:

  • Producing compliant privacy notices
  • Completing Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Handling information rights e.g. data subject access, rectification, objections, etc
  • Handling data protection complaints
  • Investigating personal data security breaches
  • Records Management

We’ll also provide training sessions of either half a day or two smaller sessions

Access to information package

  • Advice in handling Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests
  • Advice in handling Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests Internal Appeals and complaints from the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Advice to support developing a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
  • Model Access to Information policy



Package Less than 250 FTE 250-749 FTE Over 750 FTE
Data Protection Officer £400 £500 £1300
Data Protection £250 £300 £450
Access to Information £250 £300 £450
Full Package

–               DPO

–               Data Protection

–               Access to Information

£750 £900 £1900
Training session

( ½ day / 2 small sessions)

Consultancy (per hour) £60
Consultancy (per day) £300


Please note prices are based on number or full-time equivalent (FTE) pupils on roll.

Fees are payable annually on a rolling 12 month arrangement.


For further information, please contact