MetaCards – a toolkit for behavioural change

Photo: Meta cardsThe MetaCards training programme is a toolkit for behavioural change.
It will enable your teachers, mentors and support workers to use proven resources in order to engage young people and maintain that engagement throughout a structured approach to individual change.


Summary of the service

Developed in conjunction with young people, the sets of MetaCards allow the exploration of imagery to plan brighter futures and identify how to support and resource the change process.

They create an environment that encourages young people to explore new possibilities. They can help lift the barriers as the young person becomes the owner of the keys for change.

Each set of cards and training are designed to focus on specific issues and elements of the change process:

  • Power Cards: A planning tool covering Planning, implementation and review.
  • CAF Cards: A tool used for CAF
  • Early Years CAF Cards: A set of resources to use for CAF Assessment for early years.
  • Matrix Cards: a set of cards to help prevent violent Extremism
  • Challenge Cards: A set of cards to explore rightwing Extremism.


I can see where I am going.


Service benefits

Each set of MetaCards comes with a full days training, allowing practitioners to understand the wide range of applications the products have.

All the resources come with a handbook, sets of cards and recording sheets containing each image. MetaCards are:


  • Easy to use
  • Instantly engage young people
  • Adaptable to different issues
  • Create motivation
  • Able to stimulate learning

The resources are designed to highlight distance travelled and soft outcomes, and the exercises which are covered in training lend themselves to an assessment process.


It helps me think.


Service standards

  • Training is delivered by Dave Stewart; Training and Development Manager at Positive Steps. Dave is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Meta Coach. He is also a qualified trainer.
  • All training sessions are fully evaluated.
  • There is a Quality Assurance process in place overseen by Positive Steps.
  • An external evaluation of MetaCards was undertaken as part of the Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project, which demonstrated that they
  • have a major impact on young people.
  • MetaCards have received an ICG Inclusion award and a Leonardo Standard of Excellence award.
  • Over 50 local authorities have been trained in MetaCards, and they have also been translated into German, Danish and Czech.


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