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Work-related learning can be a key component of a balanced curriculum, helping to prepare students for the world of work.

The Employment and Skills Service provides a link between employers and young people and adults looking for work related learning or job opportunities.

Employment & Skills Service at Positive Steps also works with employers to fill their vacancies and meet their recruitment needs.


Summary of the service

  • Work experience provides young people with a flavour of the world of work. Positive Steps sources a wide range of placements that can be as a “block” placement or 1 day per week over a half term.
  • Occupationally-specific placements are also available for individual students undertaking vocational courses. These placements can also be taken as a one-week block and also in other formats such as one day per week.
  • Long Term placements can be arranged on request.
  • All placements are checked against appropriate Health & Safety requirements before being included on an electronic system which allows students to select occupational areas before matching them all to the most appropriate placement.
  • Health & Safety checks can be undertaken for schools or academies wishing to source their own placements, but without qualified staff to undertake these checks.
  • Mock Interviews provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in making an application and taking part in a practice interview. The process enables students to experience first hand the types of questions they may be asked at an interview for employment/training or college course.

Benefits of the service

  • Positive Steps already has access to almost 1,000 employers and has an outstanding track record of managing and arranging placements for all types of students
  • Sourcing placements is exceptionally time consuming and verifying Health & Safety requirements requires specific qualifications – using Positive Steps saves valuable time and resources for schools and academies
  • Costs are lower than any provider in the North West and provide exceptional value for money
  • Positive Steps’  mock interview programme has received excellent feedback from employers, schools and students. It can help to prepare students for an interview and help build their confidence and self esteem.

The definition of what constitutes work related learning is very wide, but there are a number of valuable services that can be provided by Positive Steps which can meet these needs.


Service standards

  • Positive Steps’ ESS team have achieved the relevant Health & Safety qualifications to enable them to verify all placements; and
  • During its 25 year history, the team has always exceeded the number of placement requests from every school so that any student who is eligible for a placement has access to one.



For many of our students, a period of work experience with an employer is the difference between them having some realistic aspirations and them becoming NEET.


Please note that services that have been arranged will be charged regardless of  whether a young person attends the service.


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