Schools Linking Project

The Schools Linking Project exploring identity, celebrating diversity, championing equality and promoting community


Within an academic year:

  • 2,500 children linking across the 38 links in Oldham
  • 150 ‘meet ups’ at schools and other venues across Oldham including Castleshaw, Alexandra Park, Oldham Coliseum, Gallery Oldham, Oldham Music Centre and Mahdlo.
  • 6 School Council Leadership Days held at the Council Chambers
  • The local Linking Projects have been recognised and are supported by The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)
  • The Oldham Pledge Schools have included the Linking Project in several pledges, the main one is Pledge 11 – To be involved in a cultural or international experience.

The aim of the Schools Linking Project in Oldham is to coordinate and support schools in their participation in activities which provide meaningful interaction between children from diverse communities.


  • Promote attitudinal change at a personal level
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of different cultural and social perspectives
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of commonality of interests and life-experience
  • Challenge children to reflect on preconceptions and stereotypical views
  • Empower children to take responsibility for their contribution to community cohesion
  • Support the transition for children from primary to secondary education

The Linking Year

The children will meet four times in the year and the visits usually include a trip to Castleshaw, an activity session at Oldham Coliseum/Gallery Oldham/Oldham Music Centre and a visit to each others school, which can involve activities such as team building, art, sport, outdoor learning, literacy, problem solving, theatre and much more. The children exchange work throughout the year and usually form pen pals between the classes.

Benefits to students

  • Develops skills of enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and communication
  • Develops trust, empathy, awareness and respect
  • Provides opportunities for children and young people to meet, build new relationships, work together and contribute to the wider community.

Benefits to schools

  • Offers a clear and strategic contribution towards the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
  • Provides a meaningful experience of British values in action as children respect diversity and celebrate individual liberty
  • Nationally recognised as offering a positive, age appropriate curriculum response to the Prevent Duty.


Our involvement

We help you produce the action plan with your linking school, provide you with training and support, coordinate all the transport, liaise with the neutral venues, explore new opportunities and provide resources you need to make your linking project an enjoyable process and, above all, a success!

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