Schools Linking Project

Schools-linking-projectTo co-ordinate and support schools in their participation in activities which provide meaningful interaction between children from diverse communities.

There are 57 schools currently involved in Oldham, with over 300 links within an academic year involving over 1,800 young people.


  • Promote attitudinal change at a personal level.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of different cultural and social perspectives.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of commonality of interests and life-experience.
  • Challenge young people to reflect on preconceptions and stereotypical views.
  • Empower young people to take responsibility for their contribution to community cohesion.


What difference does it make?

  • Contributes to Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of Pupils.
  • The Linking Project helps develop the Spiritual aspect through exploring each other’s and own beliefs and experience, respect each other’s values, sense of enjoyment about learning about others, discover surroundings and reflect on experiences working with other young people from different backgrounds.
  • Helps develop imagination and creativity to build relationships and discover their interests.
  • The Linking Project helps develop the Moral aspect through recognising right and wrong in society, challenging preconceptions and issues faced when working with others from different communities and offer reasoned views about ethical and moral issues.
  • The Linking Project helps develop the Social aspect through the ability to use their social skills with other young people from different schools, develop social skills such as confidence, self esteem, communication and teamwork skills to work well with others, build relationships, resolve conflicts and understand how other communities work in Oldham.
  • The Linking Project helps develop the Cultural aspect to appreciate cultural influences across Oldham and beyond, participate in opportunities that highlight recognise and celebrate different cultures. A large element of the Culture development is to accept, respect, understand and celebrate Diversity.
  • Benefits transition as more secondary schools in Oldham are more diverse in their ethnic composition. More young people will have experienced and shared experiences of working together and developed an understanding for each other across Oldham.
  • Awareness of where they live and ‘other’ communities to make a more united Oldham – many communities, one society.
  • Strong relationship building, overcoming differences and recognising commonalities.
  • The confidence to ask challenging questions, which develops trust, confidence and understanding between each other.
  • Deepening understanding – openness and trust.
  • Sharing resources across Oldham.
  • Staff development and sharing of expertise and skills.
  • Responsible for the future relationships between communities in Oldham. Empower other members of your community.


Statements from schools


This is a priority on our School Development Plan for 2012 – 13. Priority 6. To achieve Rights Respecting School Level 2 and develop work on Community Cohesion.

We have found the Linking Project valuable throughout school as a chance to promote positive values and inter cultural understanding. We feel that this also goes beyond the school into secondary school and even further ahead, as this generation are the future of Oldham, and need to be able to value each other and work together whilst respecting each other’s cultural differences, and the linking project certainly supports this.
Jane Goodwin, Knowsley Primary School


As a school serving 100% Bangladeshi pupils, the Schools Linking Project provides pupils from St Hilda’s with invaluable opportunities to meet, work alongside and find out about other children from Oldham who have different social and cultural backgrounds to their own. School linking is an essential part of the School Development Plan underpinning the school’s inclusive ethos and enriching curriculum opportunities.

The Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural needs of  the school are well served by the School Linking Project and this was recognised in our most recent OUTSTANDING SIAS inspection.
Gill Pursey, St Hilda’s Primary School


The Schools Linking Project has enabled children from this school to have a regular and systematic experience, on a child to child basis, of the lives of children from a very different cultural background. This has been evidenced in joint curricular work and the reduction in racist incidents over a number of years.

It was recognised by Ofsted in the outstanding judgement this school received in Sept 2011. In addition staff and governors have been able to meet and share practice which has enriched both schools.
Mike Jones, South Failsworth


We have been linking with other schools for many years. We have just finished a 4 year linking project with Knowsley school where the children began the  link in Year 3 and continued through their KS2 life. It is important to continue this link over time so that a deeper understanding of each other builds up.

This linking project is an important part of our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural provision (SMSC), widening aspirations and horizons, providing enrichment activities. SMSC is a high focus for OFSTED.
Irene Barratt, Alexandra Park


Comment from Ofsted Inspections

This primary school was assessed as outstanding in its promotion of community cohesion.
The school’s promotion of community cohesion is outstanding because it strives, with exceptional  success, through the ‘Linking School’s project to remove cultural barriers within the local area and beyond. It is a cohesive and peaceful community in which all get on very well together.
Roundthorn February 2011

This primary school was assessed as outstanding in its promotion of community cohesion.
Leaders promote community cohesion in an outstanding manner, with the school and local community working harmoniously together. Cohesion beyond the immediate locality has been strengthened through close links with a school whose pupils are exclusively of the Muslim Faith.
South Failsworth September 2011




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