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first_response_security_square_150First Response provide security services to all schools and Council buildings in Oldham.

These include alarm monitoring and response, CCTV surveillance, event security, key holding, static and mobile patrols,  securing of property and emergency boarding.

Summary of the service

The First Response Service is at the front-line for any incidents reported to us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our dedicated Emergency Control Centre is operated in partnership with the police and can ensure a speedy response to your call.

The services we offer include:

  • Static guarding of premises.
  • Area patrols to undertake special checks, maintain a high visibility presence when required.
  • Mobile Response Team who are on the road and can get to your school or premises quickly.
  • First Response Vehicles for emergency management or to back up support to incidents.
  • Alarm monitoring and response.
  • Property security and emergency boarding.
  • On site security surveys.
  • CCTV surveillance monitoring and system development
  • Full Key Control and Management System.
  • 24 hour call handling.
  • Event security.
  • Remote security e.g. operation of traffic control barriers.
  • Hire and sale of radio communications equipment.
  • Provision of an emergency control centre, emergency response and control rooms.
  • Building closure security sweeps.
  • Internal post courier service.


Benefits of the service

  • First Response has a reputation for providing a speedy response to alarm activations.
  • Our Alarm Response Unit will attend within 20 minutes of receiving the call from the receiving centre.
  • Incident verification and tailored response.
  • After every call out the client gets a report from the security officer on the reason for the activation.
  • All mobile patrol supervisors are fully trained, SIA Licensed and thoroughly vetted.
  • 24 hour control room backup service for your peace of mind.
  • Management reporting as standard.


Static Guarding

All our static Security Officers have undergone basic security industry training in accordance with the recognized security training authority, SITO.

All officers hold a current SIA license (Security Industry Authority) and provide viewing of the badge when requested to do so. All First Response Officers will also hold an Oldham Council identification card.

Security officers are issued with hand-held radios and wear a uniform of:

  • White Shirt
  • Black Tie
  • Black Security Epaulettes
  • Black NATO style V-neck pullover
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Shoes
  • Hi viz Jacket
  • Body Armour
  • Equipment Belt


Alarm Monitoring

The remote monitoring of both intruder and fire alarms is available for business premises or staff homes. It is designed to ensure a quick and professional response to the signals to ensure the fastest possible reaction by the appropriate emergency services.  In summary we:

  • we monitor all intruder and fire alarms to the  premises from our operational control centre,
  • on receipt of a conventional alarm signal, immediately call the police or fire brigade, the key holder and, if appropriate despatch a patrol,
  • record all alarm activation’s and all incidences of calls to Gtr. Manchester Police and/or Gtr. Manchester Fire Service,
  • provide appropriate advice and assistance to the Emergency Services during and after any security related incident,
  • provide you with a daily security report, including and detailing any incidents, or calls to the emergency services, and any further actions taken, or recommended,
  • record and the next day report any faults with the alarm system, or if the fault would make the alarm system inoperative report immediately and requested authority for an engineer to visit and rectify the fault,
  • monitor and record all attendance for the purposes of intruder and/or fire alarm system maintenance and/or repair.

Sonitrol alarms
The Sonitrol system is a High Security alarm system as defined by the NACOSS rules and provides both audio detection and confirmation and conventional sensors. On receipt of audio signals from premises our operator will  listen to the sounds from the premises to determine what, in their judgement is the cause of the sounds, and then take the appropriate action.


Alarm Response including Random Mobile Security Patrols


Patrolling and alarm response is designed to provide both a deterrent and a quick response to intruder alarm activations.

It also helps to keep the number of false alarms passed to the police down to an acceptable number. Too many false alarms and the police stop responding altogether, which has an effect on the insurance view of a premises as well as the safety of any key holders attending activations.

In summary we:

  • respond to alarm activation’s and/or any other notification of breach of security by way of a mobile patrol service,
  • carry out random patrols at the premises to act as a visible deterrent, and provide a record of such visits,
  • monitor the incidence of false alarms and advise the service user as and when remedial action is necessary to deal with apparent faults.


Securing Property and Emergency Boarding

The service options include:

  • emergency boarding,
  • fitting and removal of a single metal door or window screen,
  • fitting and removal steel sheets to doors and windows,
  • door or window boarding or emergency glazing filming,
  • hire, fitting, monitoring and removal of GSM trap alarms with two detectors,
  •  extra mobile patrols at random in order to deter and detect criminal damage to specified properties/areas,
  • visits at pre-set times and locations in order to deter an detect criminal damage to specified properties/areas.


Security Surveys

Comprehensive security surveys include the following security-related areas:

  •  Intruder alarms
  • CCTV systems
  • Internal Premise security
  • External and perimeter security
  • Secure By design principle
  • Staff / Visitor Safety

Any advice and/or recommendations made will be following consultation with Gtr. Manchester Police and/or Gtr. Manchester Fire Service wherever appropriate. Such advice will be provided with reference to best practice with regard to risk management policies.


CCTV Monitoring and Development

The CCTV monitoring service provided is designed to enhance the security of sites by allowing a remote view of premises when they are closed. It is also used to act as a visual verification when the intruder alarm system activates and ensures that there is prompt police response.

A CCTV system is only as good as its level of support and response.  If a stand-alone system is not monitored (i.e. out of hours) and a burglary / incident occurs, traditionally all that would be possible would be for the incident to be played back and watched the following day – too late and powerless to prevent it happening.

First Response Service has upgraded to the industry standard, which conforms to BS 8413 and the NACOSS Code of Practice for CCTV monitoring. For insurance purposes and to ensure priority one Police response to intruder alarms, the remote monitoring of CCTV systems is classed as Visual Alarm Verification.

With Visual Alarm Verification, on the activation of an alarm, your CCTV pictures can be remotely monitored ‘live’ at the First Response Service CCTV Monitoring Suite. Any incidents can be visually assessed and the appropriate response quickly summoned.

We also offer CCTV advice and consultancy to the public and private sectors. This includes feasibility studies and appraisals and system designs.

PLEASE NOTE: To request footage from CCTV cameras see this page on the main Council website.


Key Holding

We provide a comprehensive key holding service from our operational base, in order to:

  • keep keys secure when not in use,
  • ensure only authorized persons have access to the keys,
  • have a record of all key movements,
  • always know who has a key,
  • allow emergency services access to premises in the event of an incident.

We provide controlled storage of the keys, responding when necessary as first or secondary key holders. Electronic records will be kept of all issues and returns of keys.

We provide a key cutting service for both standard and security keys.




Please contact us for all prices and charges.

Inclusive packages are available for alarm monitoring, alarm response, patrols and key holding.


Contact us

To discuss your needs, get a quote or order services contact one of our officers:

Darren Mcgrattan – Service Manager
Telephone 0161 770 5494 or email

Tony Milward  – Contracts Supervisor
Telephone 0161 770 5496 or email

Martyn Scholes – Business Development Officer
Telephone 0161 770 5495 or email


PLEASE NOTE: To request footage from CCTV cameras see this page on the main Council website.

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