Sports Development for Schools

Oldham Sports Development can help schools to deliver a high quality PE and sport programme for pupils. We pride ourselves in going over and above, making sure that you get the most from your involvement with us.

Oldham Sports Development offers a range of programmes for pupils. All of our staff are CRB checked and fully trained including in first aid.

Under 5’s Physical Literacy


This programme provides fun physical activity and sport through play for under 5’s within a pre-school or nursery setting.  The programme SPLAY (Sport through Play) aims to teach physical literacy skills to children in preparation for primary school PE.

The programme is for 0-5 year olds.  There are 3 stages of SPLAY:

  1. FINDING YOUR FEET: For the youngest children (age 0-2 years) the programme offers parent and child sessions. Sessions cover activities such as touch and tickle, rough and tumble etc. with a focus on fun floor based play
  2. ON YOUR FEET: For children who are capable of walking, activities are focussed on developing the major muscle groups ensuring individuals use their legs, buttocks, shoulders and movement of the trunk from one place toanother
  3. MOVING ON: The most advanced programme for children who are confident in movement.  Through more energetic games, children are encouraged to try different ways of moving so that they may recognise their movement limits.  Includes cross curricular learning.

Great for attainment in physical social emotional, physical development, communication and language.  Crompton Primary Nursery Teacher

An excellent way of delivering physical development to the Early Years Foundation Stage.  St Herberts RC  Nursery Teacher

CurriculumPE and Sport

curriculum_peThis programme provides schools with a sport specialist who is able to deliver KS1 and KS2 physical education curriculum within the school.  The service offers high quality PE lessons that conform and exceed national curriculum guidelines.

All staff have undergone Ofsted level planning and delivery training to support the school in Ofsted inspections.

The service can also offer an enhanced school sport programme which offers additional sport within the school and could include:

  • Before school, lunch time and after school clubs
  • School sports team training in preparation for competitions
  • Young leaders training for year 5&6
  • Small group work/ project work using sport to enhance school/ curriculum topics

Schools may use their PPA cover or Sports Premium funding to support this programme.

Not only does he do a fantastic job delivering PE and Sport but the way that he fits into the schools is amazing.  St Annes Greenacres – Head Teacher

Dance and Gymnastics

This programme can deliver dedicated dance and gymnastics as part of the curriculum or beyond the curriculum.  The service offers high quality dance and gymnastics that conform and exceed national curriculum guidelines.
All staff have undergone Ofsted level planning and delivery training to support the school in Ofsted inspections.

  •  Dance (Primary): Can include dance classes in a variety of styles, before and after school clubs, choreographed dance pieces.  Students will learn dance steps which develop style and musicality.
  •  Dance (Secondary): Can include dance curriculum for KS3&4 in a variety of styles, dance enrichment classes, BTEC dance and performing arts support, GCSE dance support, choreographed dance pieces.
  •  Gymnastics (Primary): Can include gymnastics as part of the PE curriculum covering pulse raising, flexibility and strengthening warm ups, individual and apparatus based skills, rolling – balancing – jumping, partner work.

Schools may use their PPA cover or Sports Premium funding to support this programme.

The quality of staff is superlative. Staff are articulate, passionate and understand what is expected of them.  Quest Quality Assurance Inspection

Competition Programme

This programme can work with your school (and in partnership with others) to develop a calendar of inter and/ or intra school competition so that pupils have the opportunity to take

The service will include all planning, co-ordination and delivery of the programme so that the school can just turn up and play!part in regular competitions including with other school.

We can also set up or enhance your intra school competition by setting up a house system or using an existing one to plan a timetable of competition for the school.

 We now couldn’t do without sport in the school – it makes such a difference to staff and pupils

Sports Leadership for Students

This programme can provide recognised and accredited Sports Leadership training at all levels.  Groups will develop generic sports leadership skills through sport, using the Sports Leaders UK syllabus.

We can offer SLUK training in the following:


  • Young Leaders (age 9-11 years)
  • Level 1 in Sports Leadership (age 13+)
  • Level 2 in Sports Leadership (age 14+)
  • Level 2 in Community Sports Leadership (age 16+)
  • Level 3 in Sports Leadership (age 16+. Age 18+ on completion)

We can also offer a range of accredited bolt on training which can be completed as an introduction or follow on to the SLUK training.  These are for age 13+ and include:

  • Introduction to coaching core sports skills
  • Introduction to coaching specific sports (handball, athletics, rugby league, volleyball, hockey currently available)
  • Introduction to multi skill games
  • Introduction to team building games
  • Volunteering in the community workshop
  • Organisation a competition workshop

The sports staff gave an excellent service and involved themselves fully with the school

Alternative Curriculum through Sport


This service offers your school and pupils a different approach to learning by using sport as the main way to engage and interest students.  This is offered to primary or secondary aged students.

There are 2 focusses for taking an alternative approach:

  1. Narrowing the Gap in learning: The programme works with individuals or groups who may need some additional support in order to achieve academically or socially at school.  It provides creative and interesting programmes of sport which will take the focus off traditional learning in the classroom.  The programme can offer support cross curricular in English, maths, languages, enterprise and class topic work.
  2.  Challenging disengaged pupils: The programme uses sport as a way to engage with students who may be at risk of exclusion.  The programme would include delivery of sports sessions, sports competitions and spots leadership accreditations.

The group you are working with have very challenging students in and are some of the most difficult in their year groups. The year 10’s have not engaged in a lot this year and this is the first time they have got stuck in and tried, they are really enjoying the lessons. Newman College



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