The education offer at Laticzone aims to raise students’ aspirations and standards through innovative and creative learning programmes.

Through innovative and creative learning Laticzone aims to contribute to raising aspirations and standards, both in attainment and personal/social achievement.

Located at Oldham Athletic Football Club, Laticzone offers a unique and exciting learning environment, with bespoke programmes delivered in a state of the art facility using a wide range of cutting-edge equipment.

Outreach programmes are delivered at school/academy or community venues within the locality and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Laticzone offers a high quality learning experience delivered by fully qualified teaching and support staff.

Why Laticzone?

Not every classroom is based at a football club. That’s what makes studying core curriculum subjects such as English, maths, amongst many other subjects on offer that bit more exciting at Laticzone.

There is access to a wide range of resources to enhance learning, including an iMac suite, iPads, digital cameras and a Green Screen TV studio. Students can have the ultimate learning experience at Laticzone.

Our specialities

  • Qualified teachers and teaching assistants
  • Providing specialist support in education and personal development
  • Building students’ self-confidence, social skills and communication
  • Enhancing students’ maths, English and ICT skills
  • Stimulating students’ creativity
  • Achieving maximum engagement from students by using innovative learning techniques
  • Nurturing and supporting students through their learning journey
  • Offering QCF BTEC qualifications in a wide range of subject areas

Our Programmes

Playing for success (Key Stage 2 and 3)

Educational programmes aimed at key stages 2 and 3. The programme delivers high quality, creative, innovative and challenging learning experiences. The main focus is developing skills in maths, English and ICT, building confidence, self-esteem and motivation. The programme is usually an after school programme.

Raising your game (key stage 2)

Raising your game is an innovative programme, combining education and sports. The programme offers a range of subject modules including maths and English together with sports coaching. This is mainly delivered as an outreach programme in schools or communities.

Reaching new heights (key stage 2, 3 and 4)

This is a wider curriculum programme delivered at Laticzone which includes packages based on a variety of subjects and themes encompassing maths, English and ICT skills. Depending on the individual or group, we can offer programmes based on health and beauty, sport, media, health and social care, employability skills (being work ready), enterprise/business skills, caring for animals, art, health and wellbeing and food technology.

Reaching new heights offers the opportunity for students to develop their skills and knowledge through a structured and productive programme which meets the outcomes of accredited courses, mainly through leading awarding bodies such as Edexcel and AQA.

The AQA Unit Award Scheme ensures that students are working towards recognised awards with certification, including subjects such as maths, English, ICT, team building, enterprise, healthy living, food technology, media, sport, music and confidence building, plus many more as individually required.

BTEC Foundation Learning Qualifications are offered to students 14+

100% of students would recommend Laticzone to their peers.

95% of students feel their confidence has developed back in the classroom since attending Laticzone.

96% of students increased their progress score based on the entry and exit challenge results.

100% of students working towards a BTEC qualification completed the course and achieved their QCF Level 1 award or above.


For further information and to book a programme please contact Suzy Ashworth Tel 0161 770 8997