Youth Council and Youth Voice

Our staff are highly skilled in working with young people to address their specific needs in a less formal, but educational way.  Working in this way can often bring about results where other more traditional educational environments may not.


Youth Council

The Oldham Youth Council is an elected group of youth councillors who are involved in decisions that effect young people in Oldham and represent the views of young people from across Oldham.

Youth Councillors are elected to the Oldham Youth Council every 2 years and run a number of campaigns each year which affect the lives of young people.  The group is supported by our team of youth workers.

The Youth Council, supported by youth workers is able to visit schools or community groups to deliver information, training, election campaign programmes and activity inspections.

The youth work team are also able to provide training and information in schools concerning youth council elections.




Youth Voice

The youth work team provide support for nurturing youth voice and involvement of young people in school councils and local democracy.

They are experts in increasing the active involvement of young people in a range of decision making processes, and can support the development of new or existing schools councils by working with pupils to increase their knowledge and contribution to decision making, and the importance of representing others within this process.

The team offers a series of classes and support workshops which are fun and aimed at creating new school councils, or taking existing school councils to the next stage.

They can also provide dedicated support to schools during Local Democracy week in Oldham, and will provide workshops for groups of pupils and also support young people in being able to get their voice heard.



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