Accreditation Programmes for Schools

The youth work team can provide a range of programmes through which young people can gain a recognised AQA accreditation.  Accreditation programmes can range from training, issue based learning workshops or personal interest courses.

These programmes may also be used as alternative curriculum activity or extra-curricular activity, and can also be designed bespoke for the group.

Programmes are accredited through AQA board.

Issue based workshops are designed for young people in the way they are facilitated and may include:

  • dealing with bullying,
  • volunteering in the community,
  • empowerment and decision making,
  • emotional well being,
  • internet safety,
  • road safety,
  • sexual health,
  • womens history,
  • personal safety,
  • personal conduct and behaviour,
  • employment skills,
  • dealing with money,
  • dealing with substance misuse.


Personal interest courses may include:

  • social media skills,
  • young leaders courses,
  • media skills,
  • photography skills.



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